ID Course for Teachers

Why do University Teachers need to learn ID?


Teachers face many expectations and challenges today in the Colleges or University. Increasingly, the pressure is on them to satisfy multiple stakeholders. They also need to ensure their own personal and professional development to keep themselves relevant in their own jobs and careers.

The primary expectations are from the students. Students expect the teachers to be more of facilitators and enablers of their success than just teaching them the subject. They also expect that the teachers are able to use the time productively in the class room rather than just deliver a lecture passively.

They expect teachers to be atleast more knowledgeable than the resources they can find on the internet. They also expect the teachers to be professional and exhibit more planning and design skills in their courses.

The University or the college needs to ensure that the course delivery is in accordance with the syllabus, is completed within time, is also able to address the expectations of the industry in terms of their placements.

The teacher today is also under pressure to constantly upgrade his or her skills in tune with the demands of the times. While the generations of students and teachers have changed, the teaching methods have hardly changed over the last four decades.

The teachers of modern times also need to have sense of their own development and need for viewing teaching as a modern profession, which is scientific and professional and aligned with the needs of the digital world.

The course on Instructional Design for Teachers understands this need and is designed to address the concerns and priorities of the teachers today. It provides a sound grounding of knowledge on learning through explanation of the Learning Theories and principles, exposes them to the current models of ID and takes them through a hands on practice of Instructional Design process and plan.

 The proposed course is being offered to the Universities or colleges which wish that their teachers should be equipped with this course to prepare for the contemporary needs of students and industry. 

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The college or University with a batch of Teachers who are ready to take this course can find more details by clicking the link below and downloading the presentation of the course.